part II of how we got to where we are...

After the cardiologist appointment for both an ECHO and EKG, we were discharged and good to go.  It was a huge relief that all was looking good there, but it was also a frustration because we still did not know what was wrong with Cole.

That next day, we got a call to again go back to the cardiologist so we could do an exercise stress test to rule that out as well.  We did this and found Cole's heart to be in perfect condition.  In fact, he is in a class of about 10% of folks (think Lance Armstrong) of being in the shape of an elite athlete.  So if he continues to keep in good physical shape, he could potentially set new records in sports! 

Our next appointments were with the ENT doctor to rule out tonsil and adenoid issues and with an infectious disease doctor.  The infectious disease doc was to be seen for his immune tests coming back a bit low.  Cole was also set up for a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea and maybe some other sleep issues he could possibly have. 

So, after all those appointments:

Cardiologist ~ all okay
ENT ~ all okay - yet he seemed to have constant congestion
Sleep Study ~ all okay
Infec. Doctor ~ ran more tests

At this point, Cole was so sick of going to doctors! 

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