cheerio snack episode

Mister left a bag of those cheerio snack mixes out.  Sugar and I were sitting on the couch watching tv and Cole comes in, grabs a handful, and before shoving in his mouth he looks at me.  I was getting ready to stop him, but he stopped in the nick of time.

cole:  ugh - can I have these?

he grabs the bags and looks at the ingredients. 

cole:  this sucks - first ingredient is wheat flour

All the while I was looking at him.  I smiled. 

Cole stomps off and grabs a banana. 

I can't help but be proud that he stopped himself before putting it in his mouth and read the label.  We are only on day 5 of a diagnosis.  Gone are the days of grabbing whatever he would like to without thinking of the consequence (i.e. pain).

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Smirking Cat said...

He has better self control as a child than I do as an adult! Good for him.