A few folks have been wondering how I got to the point that we are now. 

It began a few months ago.  Well, in reality, it began a few years ago, but I did not know the things then could be associated with celiac. 

Cole started junior high this last fall.  He began football and then the season ended.  All of a sudden Cole was getting more and more tired.  He was sleeping all night, during class at times, and then after school for a few hours, and at times until the next morning.  Sports were over so it made very little sense to me.

I counted it as a growth spurt.  he was at the age that he would be growing and figured he was exhausted from that.  After watching for a few months, I decided it was time me to take him in to his pediatrician.  A perfect excuse arose when he complained of stomach pain.  This started the journey of trying to figure out what in the heck was wrong with Cole. 

We did labs and a urine sample.  We found that his blood pressure was borderline again.  His urine came back with sugar in it, and his blood test, I believe, this time around was okay.  Trying to recall all that they tested first time around.  Iron and thyroid for sure, in addition, they did some kidney testing labs and A1C. 

Cole was referred out to the cardiologist to check on his borderline bp issue and then go from there. 

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