Tsk tsk Mr. Cole-man!

So, a minor setback in our household.  Cole had been sleeping after school again, and I was curious at what could possibly be setting him back into pre-diagnosis behavior.  And, when I say sleeping after school, it is NOT your typical afternoon catnap.  It is a full-blown sleep all night, come home from school, and sleep until the next morning or pretty close.

I had to go and add some funds to the kids' cafeteria accounts for their school and decided to check up on their purchases.

DING DING DING!  We found it!  Chocolate Malt Shakes!  OOPS!  Seeing as he has bought a few of them over the last week or two, more specifically one yesterday, I dialed up the school VP and had him talk to Cole quick.  VP actually grabbed the product, pulled Cole out of class, and explained to him and showed him the ingredient list and that is was on the "avoid" eating list (all mental lists we have). 

Can I say that I just love his school!  They work with me, I work with with, and we get Cole the food he CAN eat and help educate him on what he CANNOT eat! 

Phew!  That was close!  I know we will have many of these occurrences over the years as he is just entering teenager-hood and will want to eat stuff he cannot, or even not realize he cannot.  Malt just doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in relation to Celiac Disease.  Now he knows. 


HappilyFlawed said...

Make sure to have him tested for Chroms disease too. My best friend has celiac disease and they couldn't keep it under control til they dug further and found the Chroms...good luck...its hard having a kiddo with that, just ask my friend who passed it along to her son.

macocha said...

Thank you, happilyflawed! I will double check with his GI doc and pediatrician to make sure those tests were requested. I believe they were, but it is good to make sure! Much appreciated!