Honesty is key

I HATE these diets.  Yep, I said it.  Now that I recognize that, maybe I can finally move on...fingers crossed.

Tears.  Tears are what fall from my eyes almost every night.  It.Should.Not.Be.This.Hard.  It shouldn't.  I have been searching the web all morning for recipe and food ideas for Sugar so she can eat.  She has been sneaking food she should not eat and let me tell you....it shows.  When she eats a diet high in fructose she gets all drama like!  Meltdowns you would not believe.  She is 10.  I know the urge to have food and sneak food is there - but her body cannot tolerate it and then we end up having to start all over again.  It is clearly a head-banging against the wall moment. 

For her these are some of the limited items she can eat right now:

potatoes (she hates)
rice (she hates)
oatmeal (she hates)
gluten free bread or regular bread if she can tolerate wheat
gluten free pancakes or waffles (likes with peanut butter)
rice cakes
fries (no sauce to dip though)...blah plain
rice crackers
potato chips (limited)
cheese puffs (limited)
limes or lemons (who eats these plain??)
white grape juice (limited)
meat - no seasoning or sauces
milk  (no choc or strawberry)

hmmm...I think that is the start of the diet.  Then after a few weeks we can slowly start introducing some items to see if she can tolerate it.  Can you imagine feeding a 10 year old picky eater this?  My daughter is going to staaaaaaaaaaaarve! 

Now Cole's diet is horrible too, but he has so many more options.  It is just the expense for both diets that are killing me.  Plus, everything for Cole is totally made from scratch.  No quick dinners for us on sports nights.  I have to make sure I have our meals planned out - but you know what - I am not at that point yet.  No where near it. 

I am praying we win the lottery so I can hire our own personal chef that knows all about this to come cook our meals.  These diets have wreaked havoc on our lives and have made me feel inadequate as a mother.  But, being who I am, I have got my venting out and will hopefully move forward starting today...well, after I research more.

Have I told you lately how much I hate these diets??  Very frustrating!


Bernadette said...

Hey Macocha,
You are not alone, my frustrations in trying to find gluten free recipes that are suitable for fructose malabsorbers have led me to take my love of cooking into creating a recipe book for FM/GF/DF recipes. Hope to be finished and published next year. Here are a couple of recipe sites that may help you :)




macocha said...

Thank you, Bern! I appreciate it!

Erin Cox said...

I am in your shoes!!! You are not alone :) My daughter is 4-1/2 and was recently diagnosed with FructMal. We live in WA state. I too have cried more in these past few months than I have in my whole life. We have an appointment with a GI specialist at Seattle Children's next month. We aren't sure if he can help us or not, but we are desperate to find someone who know "something" about this disorder. Our biggest concern is the changes in her mood when she eats the wrong foods.

I just wanted to say hi and to let you know I am here for support :)