another day

Still frustrated, but slowly working myself out of the hole of doom.  I went to a couple of the links and registered that were provided to me by Bern in the post below this one (thank you).  I am hoping to grasp more info as I search the internet and am thankful for any information out there. 

What I find interesting is that Australia is so much more ahead of this game than the States.  Wish there was some way for us to all work together and get the information out there.  I find in reading posts from other sufferers that the frustration is for all in this diet.  It is bland.  It is irritating.  It is a head-banging moment - or two; more like 2,000. 

As stated before, Sugar is a very picky eater.  Finding her foods that she can eat are so frustrating.  I found a recipe for Lemonade Scones.  It calls for just FOUR ingredients.  Some have tried it with GF flours and although they didn't rise like regular self-rising flour - it was still yummy.  I just cannot recall if I can be safe making it with the cream or if that is a no-no, so I have to go research that again.  So any time I gear up to make Sugar some dinner or snacks, I find myself heading back to the computer and internet to see if that indeed is okay for her to consume.  Under "dairy" it states no on sweetened milk products - and isn't sugar added to make cream?  Ugh.  So, can you make your own cream?  Hence the ultimate frustration. 

So, as I sit here and research and vent, I hope to stumple upon more information that will help me feed my family successfully. 

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