Experiment time again

My mom got me a HUGE bag of Pamela's Bread Mix to try, and I have been busy printing out recipes to attempt.  Most of these will require the yeast and resting period, but it looks like it will be worth it on some of them. 

There is tamale-style stuffed bread that can be used as a main course, and it looks like I can remove some ingredients so Sugar can still enjoy it.  Adapting for Sugar's diet is soooooooooo frustrating because there is little right now that she is able to have and enjoy. 

Yum - pop-tart style treats, bagels, different types of dinner rolls to test, cinn swirls, pretzels, and more...

I will review these as I go along - I hope, hope, hope these are winners!


Anonymous said...

Fructose malabsorption is not a food allergy, meaning there is no production of IgE antibodies or release of histamine. There is also no typical allergic symptoms, like itching or hives.

macocha said...

Hmmmm. I guess I am confused by your comment - is it more for info? No, fructose malabsorption is not a food allergy and that is good information to point out. Thank you. But, it is a fact that in my daughter's case, should she ingest a food item, or even drink, that has a higher concentration of fructose than glucose (apples for example) her body cannot absorb or pass on the fructose in the correct digestive way and becomes very ill - but not in the typical "flu-like" way. She has already experienced two intestinal/gut infections (SIBO) because of this health issue.

But you are correct, it is not a food allergy but she still cannot eat the food items she should remove from her diet or she will have horrible symptoms that could possibly lead to other health risks and infections over a long period of time.