more lab work

Cole's last lab work and diagnosis was in March of this year.  He went back today for a follow up - few months late - but he still got in.  They are rechecking his vitamin D (which was low prior) and his TTG levels.  There is another lab that they will be doing as well, but the paperwork is not in front of me.  We hope to see a decline in his levels on the TTG test.  that means the GF diet is working. 

The appointment went very well!  Love, love, love this GI doctor!  Anyways, he is growing - gaining weight and "tallness."  He actually jumped up a curve on the growth chart - so that is good news.  Don't know how tall my son will really be in the end, but hey - he is growing!! 

The one concern I have is that he is still very, very tired.  I am suspicious about him getting gluttened outside of the home so we are working with the school to get some more info.   He has been having salad - but I am requesting (again) the ingredients to the dressing.  I told him until we find out - no dressing (blah - huh?).  I worry too a bit about cross-contamination in the kitchen when prepping the salad - but will hold off until I get the ingredients.  It may be a sack lunch from now on - depends on what we get back. 

All in all - it was a good appointment.  we go back in another 4 to 6 months for another round of labs and continue that route for awhile. 

Now if I could just get my daughter on the road to healthy it would be perfect!   sigh. 

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