What a moron!

I am sure some of ya'll have heard the hype behind the name Damian J Cardone and his hatred towards gluten free items.  Feeding folks gluten free because he thinks it is a fad diet because they don't have an "allergy-type" reaction.  What a complete ignorant ass!  How dare he decide who can and cannot tolerate gluten and take it upon himself to feed it to them. 

Here is a phenomenal blog post "letter" to Mr. Damian Cardone from another blogger:  letter

And more info on Gluten free life

What an uproar from the gluten free/celiac community. 


Anonymous said...

I just heard about this guy. Yes, what a moron!

I just testified again Paul Seelig, fraudulent gluten free baker in NC. He was purchasing regular bread from a whole seller, repackaging it, and then selling it as gluten free.

It was a horrible thing, and very hard to live through again on the stand.

I hope they can prosecute this Cardone guy too.

Seelig is up on 25 felony counts.

(I just found your blog. I have a wheat allergy, can't eat gluten, and just found out last week that I have fructose intolerance.)

Oh, I know Tinkyada is expensive anywhere, but I found it at a Walmart superstore and it was much less.

good luck!

macocha said...

Oh man, I am sorry about the FM diagnosis. I hate this diet to the max! Be careful with Tinkyada - the brown rice variety - it is a no-no for most FM sufferers. They do have a white rice variety though. Depending on your corn sensitivity - you might be able to tolerate the corn pasta. I do have some sites to the right that link to some info on FM. Not much out there compared to the celiac or gluten intolerance info out there.

Yeah - I had heard a bit about the guy selling bread - glad he is being held accountable for his part in doing something so stupid.