Thank you, Jury!

I was glad to see that they found the man that re-packaged food items as gluten free was found guilty and sentenced to 11 years.  Messing with someone's food intolerances or allergies is not a laughing matter!  Twenty three counts of guilty is a good ruling for this man who took the health of others and twisted it all up. 

I hope he enjoys his visit in prison and thinks about what he has done.  I doubt that would cross his mind though and that is the sad part of this case. 

Now, I do wonder though - is the guy in Colorado following this case and now thinking...Oh shit, shoot, I hope I'm not next.  His problem was he BRAGGED about feeding folks gluten items when they asked for gluten free food items.  The man that was sentenced boasted that he provided and made these gf items. 

It will be interesting to see if anything comes about in the Colorado instances. 

Here is the article about Seelig's case outcome.

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