Someone please slap me upside the head!

I have been trying to catch up on a support board that I belong to and really do love because the tips and advice is ultra-supportive, but with our hectic schedule and sickies in the household it has been a bit hard to do. 

I came across a lunch meat discussion.  Why did I not think of this before??!!  A lot of lunch meats have stuff added to it.  Let's see - honey, corn syrup and added fructose.  Granted, it would probably seem to most folks not a big deal, but to a fructose sufferer it is; of course depending on their sensitivity.  So stay away from processed meats!  Go with more natural meats, but also make sure you read those labels too!  Apparently, Hormel turkey is one to check out; Boar's head too! 

Also in discussion were bananas.  Now, my daughter does okay with bananas and this is good.  But, I have read that the greener the banana the higher the fructose content - so please make sure you are not eating a banana with too much green on the skin or you could ultimately have a reaction.  So watch your banana ripeness folks! 

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