Rash Attack!

The rash is back.  I can always tell when Sugar has either snuck food or we tried something that reacted badly.  Given that we have not tried anything new lately, it would seem that she snuck food. Now with Easter being done and over with - it would seem that is the culprit.

I try and keep some Smarties on stock that she can typically have, and gave her some for Easter, I have been reading on a support group that Smarties in abundance can make some reactions come out as well.  Too much of a good thing I imagine.  Not that Smarties are good things, but when you find any candy that you CAN have - it becomes a "too much of a good thing" item.  So, she will have to limit her intake of that as well. 

So the rash locations include:

inside of arms (opposite her elbows)
behind ears
shoulder blade area

and it has not moved to her face (yet) as it did last time - more specifically her eyelids. 

So it is back to all the meds she was prescribed in form of lotions and potions to try and curb the burning, itchy pain and hope the crap can get out of her system quickly.  And when she comes to me and says "everyone else gets such and such, what do I get to have," and I respond with "water as you very well know," I can yet again point out her rashes and try and explain that this is why you have to go this route.  She will then flounce off and throw herself on her bed and cry that it isn't fair.  All I can really do is agree with her and explain over and over again that life has thrown her a curve ball and we need to smash it out into left field so she can get better! 

what a trial.  so frustrating and makes the setbacks horrible. 

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kirsten said...

Oh my GOD I HAVE THIS! It's the eyelid rash for me, and sometimes it gets much worse than other times. AHH I can't tell you how much better this makes me feel; I have been trying to figure this one out for eons, it seems.