Interesting if I say so myself...

Tonight I had a conversation with a friend that has a young daughter going through some of the same issues as Sugar.  She took her to a naturopath.  She asked me an innocent question.  "Do you think it is yeast causing her rash."  Hmmm...can't say that I have.  When you think of yeast infection, you think of well....the one that affects women's nether regions. 

So, off to research I went while chatting with her left and right.  The site I have found so far that gave some decent info was for candida-and-gut-dysbiosis.  Then I started getting excited.  NOT because she could possibly have it - just that I found a reason her rashes could possibly not be clearing up. 

Holy shiznit!  When I read over the symptoms or reactions, I nod yes to most of them.  Then, I am like - how do I stress testing to the doctor and is there even a test we can order to see if it is in fact a rash of yeast rather than any other issue.  I realize SIBO can be a form of Candida, but her treatments thus far of Flagyyl have yet to clear it up, and if it does - it comes right back causing me to try and remember if it did clear up or not (yes, I should journal but I don't).   but, one of the cheapest tests they have is for her to spit a loogie in a glass of water...okay, maybe not a full-fledged loogie - but "spittle" in a cup of water.  Wait ten minutes and if it does one of two things you have a path to go down. 

And, I continue on to read...wow - ethanol created by the sugar and crap fermenting in her body - and ponder for a moment (yes I used the word ponder), is THAT why her breath smelled so fruity and like she hit the liquor cabinet and made us rush to the emergency room per the nurse call line to make sure she was okay. 

but, the amazing and top of the charts item that stuck out - it can cause skin rashes.  could it possibly be that we have maybe an idea of what is causing her rash to never clear up and to cause it?  fingers crossed!

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Anonymous said...

fingers crossed that you have found an answer. And she will get some relief soon!