Signs and Symptoms

After researching more on my daughter's rash, I am more than ever convinced she could have Candida in her system that is causing her issues.  Specifically:

white coating on her tongue (not too thick)
rashes on her body that are confused with atopic dermititis
always wanting sweet foods
bloating, gassy, GI issues etc
she has had the red, itchy eyes
bad breath
spit test that had her spit moving down into the water with a trail

Yes, Sugar has been diagnosed with fructose malabsorption, but I wonder how much that is really influenced by the above.  I would have an answer if the doctor's would test her like I have asked.  Once on a prior occassion on a walk-in visit for more asthma meds and once via phone to her GI doctor since it is in relation to her GI issues.  I was told by the nurse (who never passed on my question to the doc) that I need to see her other doctor.  Sigh.  I asked her to please pass on the message to the doctor and have him return my call.  Really?  Now as I sit here and wait, I have no answer to my question. 

There are times that it seems pointless to even go into the doctor.  Why bother.  They are going to tell you that what you researched isn't true and a waste in time to test for.  I like her GI doctor, and he is rather proactive, but getting to him can be a trial.  I cannot tell you how many times I went to the derm and was told it was atopic dermititis and to try this or that.  Well, they aren't working! 

Then I wonder if there is a relation to Celiac and her FM issues.  Yeah - but what if it was the Candida.  The more I read about it - if you do have Candida (or a yeast infection on skin/etc) then it could influence food allergies, celiac gluten issues, or even asthma.  

what if she truly has Candida and the FM is in reality non-existant in her.  If she gets treated for Candida - maybe she can bypass this horrible diet or add some things she can't have now.  Even if I can add corn or wheat products would be wonderful! 

I wish that the medical professionals are more open to folks coming in and showing research and even testing to rule things out.  Get your head out of your arse and realize you might not know everything and listen.  I am not claiming I know everything, but this is MY daughter and I want stuff ruled out so her suffering can go away. 


Candida Albicans said...

I am very happy that I found this website. I want to to thank you for this excellent information!! I absolutely appreciated every bit of it and I have bookmarked your website to see the new stuff you post later on.

Anonymous said...

Some doctors really do have their heads up their arse.

I'm very lucky that my GP will listen to me and test things that I ask for. I've found specialist don't listen as much. They seem to think they know everything.

All I can suggest is to be persistent. Tell that doctor, this is YOUR daughter, and you want her tested for this! Period.
If it comes back negative, fine, but you want it ruled out.

That's what I did to my old doctor about getting tested for food allergies. He was sure it was a waste of time...but low and behold I have an allergy to wheat. He was humbled.

Keep up the great work at being an advocate for your daughter!


Shaina said...

I understand where your fustration is coming from, it took my doctor a year with me not keeping anything down, test after test to say i have a food allergy but the only way to find out is through trial and erra! I found that i couldn't tolerate high fructose corn syrup,fructose,corn syrup solids or invert sugar but corn syrup was fine. But i still didn't feel good with stomach aches and vomiting. I was already eating some gf foods so i went all the way and i am feeling better but not 100%, now im just dealing with acid and milk, i can only eat so much per a day! Now to gain all the weight back!!!

macocha said...

Shaina - there is a test for fructose malabsorption and it is more than HFCS and eliminating certain sugars. You may ask that you get tested via a hydrogen breath test - fructose. hang in there. I started a new job so I haven't been on here much.