Does your school help you out?

With Sugar, we will pack her lunch.  Even though we have three choices to choose from for an "entre," I don't trust what is in the ingredients.  Her diet is still a daily struggle. 

Cole on the other hand, even though his school requires (more the FDA) a letter EVERY year from his doctor stating he has Celiac, can eat some of the foods the cafeteria prepares for him.  I do tend to worry about cross contamination in the back of my mind, I have been a bit more lenient than I imagine others would be.  I trust until they give me a reason not too. 

Some of the items that the school prepares for him (to hopefully help you when speaking to your school) is they bring in Chex cereals for breakfast for him.  The single serve packs.  They also have a variety of fruits and veggies.

For lunches, they do bring in rice pasta for him and will make that with their sauce.  They also will make him a salad and put frito strips (GF) on them with chicken and other condiments.  We are able to bring in our own dressing and leave it in the teacher's fridge if necessary. 

The school has also sat down with him and asked him what types of foods he likes and information on it so they can try and get that in for him as well. 

Does your school system do anything for you and what choices do they give the kids with special dietary restrictions?


1artsychick said...

It's wonderful that his school will do that much!
We had an exchange student a couple years ago, also Celiac, and the school said she'd have to bring her own food. They looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if they provided any options for children with food allergies.

I know it's hard on Sugar. It's hard on me to understand all of this and I'm 48!

Not posting on the food blog right now. Having a lot of trouble with health other than food issues right now. (I have Meniere's Disease, and it's been a battle the last few months.)

So glad your school system helps at least a little.


1artsychick said...

Oh, 1artsychick is Wendy from Wendy Cooks. I signed in under my other blog's ID.

best of luck

kai said...

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