So it is hot and humid where I be cooking today,

but I am trying a new recipe.  As I type this and drink my ice water, my dough I mixed up is sitting on the counter "resting" for two hours.  I must have gave it a severe beating...(my odd sense of humor here). 

Anyways, it is for a sweet bread and calls for honey, so Sugar cannot have it but maaaaaaaaaaaybe in small bites if I watch her.  Not too sure yet.  This is the only sweet that went into the recipe.  It is Gluten Free Brioche dough.  Can use this as a base for many pastries for my son too. 

My plan is to make one loaf of sweet bread (yummy) and one batch of cinnamon rolls with it (double yummy).  I am going to look through the other parts of the book for another dessert to try with the other third of the dough.  My mother made the sweet bread, so I know it is good, I just have to attempt it myself. 

My husband asked, "which are you making first - bread or cinn rolls."  Ha ha.  Wonder which one he wants? 

Since I have been home and monitoring Sugar's intake, her bloating has reduced greatly, and I am thrilled!!!!  Cole is starting to feel better and more full as well.  I hope that a routine can be set into place for when I return to work.  I still wish there was more out there in regard to recipes for ease for Sugar girl. 

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