things are going...

a bit better than a month ago.  I am starting to feel comfortable in the kitchen again and don't dread it as much as I did prior.  Sugar's diet still has me panicking a bit.  Since I have been off work, there has been a huge reduction in her bloating, which I imagine is because I can control her diet and what she eats and now unable to sneak. 

I am still at the overwhelmed stage and have a lot of things to consider when it comes to returning to work or continuing at home to care for my children.  It is a very hard thing to consider and find that friends and even some family have a hard time understanding how much stress and time this entails.  I understand that it is hard to fathom and would even think what is the big deal if I wasn't going through it.  But I am going through this.

Imagine being told that what you have being doing the last umpteen years is wrong.  That the flours you have cooked with are considered poison to your son's body.  You have to learn the blends of flours and how much xanthum you have to use to get it correct.  That apples and pears, even oranges and tomatoes, are considered evil to your daughter's system and there is very little out there that your daughter can have.  No ketchup, no barbeque sauces, and most fruits and veggies are off limits.  

But, I am getting stronger.  My husband is supportive.  My counselor is supportive (laugh).  And the friends that know and understand are supportive. 

I will share recipes soon.  There are some good ones I have tackled for celiac.  Still looking on the fructose issue.  sigh.

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