good one!

we tried another recipe out of Gluten Free Mama's new cookbook contributed by the Spanic family who own GJ Joes.  They were the strawbery tarts. 

I have to say, I was a little nervous when they came out of the oven and tried one of the "shells."  I used a mini cupcake pan so I could make individual ones; plus it is easier to use my Pampered Chef mini scoop in a small cupcake pan.  perfect size.  Anyways, it was okay, but I was like oh nooooooo. 

Well, then I make the topping.  Let it cool in the fridge and took some whipped cream out of the freezer.  Asked Mister if he wanted to try it and I served him up.  He gobbled it down.  I tried it.  With all three - the berry topping, shell, and cool whip it was delicious!! 

Cole and his bro devoured them too. Honestly, I was hoping to sneak some this morning for breakfast and they were all gone.  So, that alone shows it was a major hit in our house! 

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