mmmm mmmmm good!

What do you get when you add sugar, butter, pretzels and chocolate?  Yumminess!!!!  It smells devine!!  I can't try it yet because it is hotter than I can tolerate and it is making me salivate like a dog! 

Another recipe from GF Mama hits a two thumbs up before I even have to try it.  Granted, this recipe can be a regular gluten recipe too - it just depends on what pretzels you use.  That makes it even better in my book!  The pictures below are taken right after it came from the oven.  My choc chips are both milk and white choc kinds.  I did put it back in the oven to soften the chocolates, but they did not melt all the way.  Not sure if I want them too.  I can probably take a icing spreader and spread them around if I wanted, but I won't do that this time.  

When they cool, I will break them off into small pieces and hide them throughout the cabinets.  If I don't, they will be gone in a nano-second with my family! 

GF Mama - you did it again - Thanks!

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